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Get the album that strarted it all Shotz Of Flava..its 19 songs that will have you dancing or romancing....


Shotz Of Flava Album

    1. Movie/Radio Intro
    2. Off the Chain**
    3. hottness**
    4. Come out Dancing **
    5. player dedication-Skit
    6. Thirstii**
    7. Bounce with me feat Illablade**
    8. Lady Exotica*
    9. Retro Intro-Skit
    10. Shotz Of Flava***Feat Dj Capt Celsius
    11. Fantasy***
    12. Loving Exclusive**
    13. 2nd Thought**
    14. heart beat intro-Skit
    15. Rad-Getdown**
    16. On and On*
    17. nothing but love**
    18. Down For Me*
    19. If you were my Girlfriend**-
    • ** songs written by Mark Wilson and Rad-Z
    • * songs written by Illablade and Rad-Z
  • Produced by Rad-Z,Mark Pain Wilson,Illablade and Jaswho Produx

    Mvr Records,Future big stars,Jyggy Pain Music

    Special thanks to Street Fleet Productions ,Mad Antics Productions

    recorded at Thats whats Up studios in Orlando and Jaswho studios in Boston


    COPYRIGHT  2006

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