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Rad-Z ,singer,songwriter,dancer,performer and more....I also have ambitions in fitness, health, fashion ...with these likes incorporated  I been branded as a lifestyle music artist/entertainer.

Growing up a street performer..singing and dancing on  the New York/Brooklyn City streets,I entertained crowds and friends,
with a performing style that is  influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Bobby Brown, Usher, Chris Brown and most of the dance performers on the NYC streets...

All while pursuing education in fitness and massage therapy.


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Years later I relocated to Orlando, Fla but the performance bug in me never faded or stopped.

I was a karaoke host and performed with HT. Talent shop for 6 years
while continuing and pursuing a formal education...with certifications in group fitness and massage, and sociology.
I performed at birthday parties, block danced for Disney..and continued on with  Karaoke shows.
 I   execute  Zumba classes..and cardio kickbox classes at
various fitness facilities.
In between these jobs, I would  record  music or make music videos or perform songs at various

dance clubs, private parties and more.

I found my why

  You have your different types of music..K-pop, Rock,Jazz..and then theres radfunk.

A modern take on music influenced by 90s music styes. Designed to relate and move an  individual to dance,vibe and appeal to human emotion. All used in a energetic  positive exciting way...In these troubled times...its comforting to share this music and  entertain others.

Give a visit to the music store  and pick up a download or two...


Labors of  Love

I Let me give you a short description of each  Album..

Shotz Of Flava

is a party album ,shooting my shot at the music industry.

Featuring dance music that includes R&B,pop,alternative hip-hop aswell as 

ballads and more

Shotz of flavaradz.jpg

Rhythm Warrior 2071


Its a variation of music styles ranging from Reggae to Soul alternative pop  and more..(Online album)


This album is a coming of age music compilation that has a variety of songs

that has subject matters of the heart,inspiration,positivity and help you get mentally strong


evolution rad1size1.jpg

Valentines Day Massacre


 An album that deals with the complications of relationships

all these albums are dance based

and fall under the genre of RadFunk

witch is a mixture of pop,rnb,alternative and more

Pick one or all copys...

Coming in 2022

confessions virgo promo2.gif

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