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Rad-Z ,singer,songwriter,dancer,performer and more....I also have ambitions in fitness, health, fashion ...with these likes incorporated  I been branded as a lifestyle music artist/entertainer.

Growing up a street performer..singing and dancing on  the New York/Brooklyn City streets,I entertained crowds and friends,
with a performing style that is  influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Bobby Brown, Usher, Chris Brown and more.

All while pursuing education in fitness and massage therapy.


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Years later I relocated to Orlando, Fla but the performance bug in me never faded or stopped.

I was a karaoke host and performed with HT. Talent shop for 6 years
while continuing and pursuing a formal education...with certifications in group fitness and massage, and sociology.
I performed at birthday parties, block danced for Disney..and continued on with  Karaoke shows.
 I   execute  Zumba classes..and cardio kickbox classes at
various fitness facilities.
In between these jobs, I would  record  music or make music videos or perform songs at various

dance clubs, private parties and more.

I found my why

  You have your different types of music..K-pop, Rock,Jazz..and then theres radfunk.

A modern take on music influenced by 90s music styes. Designed to relate and move an  individual to dance,vibe and appeal to human emotion. All used in a energetic  positive exciting way...In these troubled times...its comforting to share this music and  entertain others.

Give a visit to the music store  and pick up a download or two...


The  Trilogy

"he that wishes to be the greatest,Find a way to serve many"-Proverbs

Get the hit cd album E V O L U T I O N,featuring hits Dance for me.Reaching for God,Life goes on and more..
Why should I get this album?? you ask?? Because not only is there various songs on the album but comedic voice skits,and guest voice actors..to inject a little humor...The album is a great mix of inspiration,jubilation,encouragement and positivity...

A departure from earlier works Shotz of Flava and 

 Rhythm Warrior 2071 though they're just as good...

Up and coming

 The future follow up to the hit album EVOLUTION..comes the EP 


Valentines Day Massacre .The EP musically explores the hostile climate  of love and reality...

Comical at times..and then serious...this will be a collection of songs ranging from r+b to pop to alternate

and dance pop... out  right now is "Just Saying" produced by Sentry Status of Legion Beats .

An r&b dance song.

Upcoming  songs will be  the alternate jam "Universe" co produced by Trackmatter and a bouncy r&b song "Open your heart" co produced by Mark Pain Wilson ...other songs are works in progress...so stay tuned

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I will have bonus songs not on the album featuring guest vocalists,and production from Insane-Beatz and The Legion..,Addomi nation and more...

So  on that note pick up a song or two from the store featured on this site...or pick up an album...help me reach the masses and help me live to my full potential, and that is to help, and entertain others...

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