"To go thru somthing,you grow thru something

thats Evolution" New

Rad-Z Hip-Hop soul cd




















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 Besides available album downloads on this site ,hard copys of my latest Cd album EVOLUTION are avaialble at

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East West Music


4895 South Orange Avenue,Orlando Florida 32806


Park Ave Cd's

2916 Corrine Dr

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Life Goes on

The second single download from the Album Evolution...This is a song about motivation and inspiration....enjoy...

 Why Lie

Another hot Rad-Z and Legion collabo ,a hot rnb song about a girl two timing her man....

give  it a listen and buy the song...

Damaged Gudz

 Get in on the latest info on motivation, fitness,music and more with a good read with this week's issue of The Rad network...

Get the R n b hit Damaged gudz @ the Rad Music store...

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