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Welcome to the RadFunk website...a website that introduces you to

Lifestyle artist entertainer  Rad-Z...

That title lifestyle entertainment Includes

Motivation-Included is positivity and strength in every part of this website from the first page to the blog page...

fitness-included is a fitness session on the fitness page it is essential to perform your daily

music- showcasing radfunk A new genre of music that includes pop,soul,dance,alternative,hiphop and more...All  the things that make music exciting again

Those are the guidlines in this site...and relates to the active individual..come in and look around,experience what is offered...enjoy

Latest in the Rad music arsenal

An album that's relatable to all signs,,,whether your a Capricorn, Leo etc

If you ever been in love,out of love ,had a compilcated relationship or you just wanna vibe out and dance...this album is for you

Confessions of a Virgo♍ is a album of pop,r&b,hiphop dance music that is  a work of art composed to relate,capture imgination,energize and excite.

Listen to some satisfied customers...


Alexa Young, CA

I bought Valentines Day Massacre and Confessions Of A Virgo..great albums r+b dance funk and alternative music

Morgan James, NY

I picked up Confessions of a virgo...a highly relatable album
a rare jam jem of alternative music

Lisa Driver, MI

I love the diversity Rad-Z showcases on the albums..keep up the good work

You can pick up an album on this site click on  the bottom buttons


 A new Rad Network is here...its a win win situation to read this week's issue...


If you want to check out more Rad Networks..

All Around The World

Love fuels this trip around the world..enjoy this pop reggae dance clip...

People, Places, and Things

Another past time I really enjoy is taking photos,different photos of landmarks and events in the city beautiful.

See more photos here.


Scrapbook page

Introducing a new page called the "Scrapbook page" this page not only introduces my music,but the(audio and video) playlists,podcasts.But the status and achievements in this music journey....check it out..


New Music

Check out the new song,the in your face dance funk song Clean Break along with other hot jams .exclusively at the Rad Music Store....

spotify stats701.jpg

Its about that time,to turn up the fitness heat!!

Your invited to a group fitness class called

                  Cardio Kick Boxing jam

Its a great class featuring toning,aerobics and rhythmic workouts(dancing)

With a soundtrack of top forty hip-hop,dance,oldschool,reggae,lating,even my music RadFunk will be in the mix, So come by and shake it up,and shape up...On Mondays and Wednedays...all info at the bottom buttons as well as links in the photo..


Mvr.Ent/Warrior Music

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