What is RadFunk??

RadFunk is not just about music,its a state of mind... A state of mind in positivity,inspiration, entertainment.

My Name is Rad-Z  your new lifestyle artist entertainer..

I am a onmi- present artist ...allow me to tell you what that means...Artist, Athlete,photographer,entertainer,creator..I am every where

Allow me to share these gifts with you.Evolving you to a better you.....I believe life is a gift from God and how we take care of that gift depends on how we use it...I am here to help you make that evolution.

Check out the following web pages that feature

what makes A lifestyle music artist/entertainer.

Get to know me and more on the

about page.

Cabin Fitness: featuring work outs you can follow.

The Music store:featuring my latest album and new music and original hits you can pick up

and much more.

So  I invite you to explore . And by gaining your support..

in the future you can expect gratitude and loyalty from me in the future...its a win win situation...

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"Its gonna be a movie"

When an event happens that you know is gonna bring energy,excitement,and all out entertainment thats the phrase said...

and I am excited about what I have to share,This first trailer reveals the title of the upcoming work...



See more original music videos @ the music store...


No doubt the holidays has struck the town of Orlando , I  captured some of the holiday displays around town...check them out at the Rad Gallery...

Rad Gallery 50.jpg

A good read

 Get in on the latest info on motivation, fitness,music and more with a good read with this week's issue of The Rad network..


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Make your style

Get your shopping on and make your own style of fashion...mixed in with a little raddness...I've partnered with Spreadshirt to make up a show case of tees,hoodies,and more...all with lyrical sayings from my hit songs....for example "Kissable cutie" is from my hit

computer Girl..or join Team Rad....


You can customize your own tee,hoodie from the merchandise store

And be in the exclusive cool  club,

step one:

choose the article of clothing you want to customize

Step two:

choose the lyrical saying you want to showcase

step three

make sure its your size,color and etc...then order..

its that simple

Group Fitness Invite
Kickboxing cardio jam.jpg

 Are you looking to get or  stay slim and trim or maintain a healthy weight??

all while having fun doing it??

The solution to your resolution is right here...

By accepting this invite you will be taking that step in the direction of putting fun in your fitness,and obtaining those fitness goals you want...

Click on the  buttons for more info...

see ya then...