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What is RadFunk??

RadFunk is not just about music,its a state of mind... A state of mind in positivity,inspiration, entertainment.

Allow me to share that with you.Evolving you to your better self.....I believe life is a gift from God and how we take care of that gift depends on how we use it...I am here to help you make that evolution.

Check out the following web pages that feature

what makes the me  tick as a artist,human being in the about page.

Cabin Fitness: featuring work outs you can follow.

The Music store:featuring my latest album and new music and original hits you can pick up

and much more

So keep an open mind  as you check out what I have to  offer.. your support is appreciated..

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New music..

This is the newest song added to the music store...

Get this song along with assorted hits at The music store...

The things you do for love

A new music video coming your way

Check out the trailer for the  awaited music video for the hit song Life goes on...

Cabin Fitness series


Heres the latest in the "Cabin Fitness"series Trampoline work out pt 2. This work out is a little more challenging then the first installment...follow along the routines ...on the cabin fitness page...

A good read

 Get in on the latest info on motivation, fitness,music and more with a good read with this week's issue of The Rad network...

Group fitness invite dates

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